Application F.A.Q.

F2C Nutrition Sponsorship Program FAQ

Why should I join the F2C Family?

F2C Nutrition believes it is important to create a community to invest in and support athletes.  We work together with a diverse group of pros and elite athletes, athlete ambassadors, teams, clubs and events to support athlete nutritional needs and provide memorable race experiences. We believe proper nutrition and nutrition education is vital to an athlete’s performance and success.   Understanding the benefits of training and racing on clean nutritional products and understanding ingredient labels are integral components of a nutritional training and race plan. Providing personalized nutritional educational consultation, materials and a forum to discuss is key to help you train and race to your potential!

Plus we are a darn fun group to hang out with!

How do I apply to the program?

If you would like to be part of F2C Nutrition and the #f2cfamily for the 2020 season please fill out the appropriate online application.  You may apply for more than one program (i.e. the Elite Team only has a limited number of spots so you may want to apply for the Ambassador program or Team F2C as well) Applications will be accepted until Nov 20, 2019.  F2C Nutrition will contact successful applicants in early December 2019.  If you have any questions regarding our programs please send an email to

What kind of sponsorships can I apply for?

We have sponsorships for pros, elite athletes, teams, coaches, ambassadors, clubs and events.  Check out the quick descriptions below:

F2C Nutrition Pro Sponsorship

Are you at the top of your game in your sport or discipline? Do you have a pro card and are racing professionally? F2C Nutrition invites you to apply to our Pro Sponsorship program. Please submit your resume along with the online application.

F2C Nutrition Elite Team Sponsorship

Are you an Elite Age Group athlete that excels in your sport?  Are you a regular on the podium locally, nationally or internationally?  Do you already use F2C products? Want access to great discounts, earn a product stipend (credit) by promoting and sharing F2C Nutrition?  Apply to our Elite Team Program.

F2C Nutrition Athlete Ambassador

Already using F2C Nutrition products and want to become an F2C Athlete Ambassador?  You will have access to premium discounts on our nutrition and our industry partners’ products. You can earn product stipend (credit) by regularly promoting and sharing F2C Nutrition on social media, completing in-store demos and promotional events and educating your friends and family about F2C Nutrition products. Apply for the F2C Ambassador program.

Team F2C

Would you like to be part of the #f2cfamily but don’t think you are social media savvy and can meet the requirements of an Ambassador or Elite Team member?  Team F2C is designed to support athletes who use our products, wear our gear but are not social media gurus.  Apply for Team F2C!

F2C Nutrition Club/Team Sponsorship

Does your team or club want to have access to discounts and specials?  F2C Nutrition Team and Club sponsorship gives special discounts to organizations, access to nutritional support and programming and other great deals.

F2C Nutrition Coach/Trainer Affiliate Sponsorship

F2C Nutrition offers an exclusive partnership with certified coaches and trainers.  Coaches and their athletes have access to a variety of nutritional education materials and resources, product for training camps, discounts and offers.

Event Sponsorship

Do you need nutritional support for your race or event? Hydration, race fuel, recovery proteins?  F2C Nutrition partners with a select number of events to provide clean, all natural nutritional products to your athletes.  Send in your application today, spaces are limited.

Does it Cost Anything to Join?

Yes – Two of our programs require fees

Ambassador Program – $75US or $100 CAN in dues for the program and in return you get awesome discounts, product credit ($30 per month) access to other sponsorship discounts, swag, personal nutritional counselling and access to our F2C Facebook group!

Team F2C – $50US or $60CAN in dues and $20US or $25CAN per month for 11 months (Jan-Nov).  Team F2C members will receive a choice of an F2C premium racing kit, cycling kit or running kit (a $249.00US value) F2C swag, access to our F2C Facebook group, personalized nutritional support, premium F2C discount and partner discounts.

Am I required to race in an F2C kit?

While we would love everyone to race in our gear we understand that athletes may have a variety of sponsors and teams.  If you are not able to race in our kit the F2C logo needs to be on your race kit and location approved by F2C.

When do you make the team announcement?

We will send out emails at the end of November/beginning of December and post the teams to social media and celebrate a new season!

What are the general expectations of the F2C sponsorship program?

F2C Nutrition General Sponsorship Information

  • you already regularly use F2C products and purchase consistently (please don’t ask us to send you product to “see” if you like it)
  • have a healthy social media presence and willing to regularly promote F2C Nutrition via your blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, other online nutritional forums on a monthly basis (tip – we do look at applicants social media – must have a public account)
  • active member of your community and sporting community
  • have a good understanding of all F2C Nutrition products and be able to educate others about our products and willing to learn via product calls, Facebook Live, Webinars etc.
  • 4 volunteer hours required
  • promote F2C products to other athletes, friends, family and local retail stores
  • provide us with race and training updates and reports, pictures, videos
  • provide us with regular product testimonials, video clips about your favourite F2C products
  • contribute to F2C Blog/news features
  • have the opportunity to be featured on our website and social media
  • race in an F2C kit, or with the F2C logo on your own kit (location approved by F2C)
  • represent F2C Nutrition by wearing F2C branded clothing, gear, using F2C branded bottles
  • opportunities to earn product credit
  • significant personal product discount
  • partner discounts for running shoes, sunglasses, helmets, swim gear, bike transport, bike racks, training and racing gear, hydration packs and more!
  • opportunities to share friends and family discount code
  • exclusive nutrition sponsorship, athlete/team can not have competing nutritional sponsors or post/share competing nutritional sponsors

What you get when you join the F2C Family

  • Clean, all natural, quality nutritional supplements – are there any other kind? If you asked another company the sources of their ingredients would they know? F2C does! From Canadian grass-fed whey isolate in the Natural Pharma-Pure to the calcium in Electro-Durance – we can tell you about all our ingredients.
  • Athlete focused, science driven research drives our product development – each ingredient has a purpose and clinical data to back it up from the Beta- Alanine in Ultra-Durance to the Cluster Dextrin in Glyco-Durance.
  • Closely monitored manufacturing process in a GMP certified, Health Canada regulated, and Inform Sport Inspected plant – every step of the way from start to finish.
  • Fuel for your body should taste awesome – we strive to knock it out of the park in the flavor department with our light tasting Hydra-Durance to our customizable Glyco-Durance where you can blend both Flavoured and Unflavoured Glyco-Durance to create your own desired profile.
  • Education is key to an athlete’s performance and success – have you ever wondered why some of the fuel you use during training doesn’t work on race day? Let us take you through some key educational principles around race day nutrition and the personalized  nutrition needed for endurance sports.
  • It is important to invest in events and athletes – we are all in! Whether it is sponsoring an event, adding to a positive race experience or supporting an individual athlete, F2C is there to guide, educate, support and cheer, we are your biggest fan!
  • When you purchase an F2C product you become part of our F2C family – welcome to the family!

Still want to apply?