F2C Test Matrix



  • Increased Strength
  • Enhanced Muscular Development
  • Increased Libido and Sexual Performance
  • Fat Loss
  • Recovery of suppressed hormone levels
  • Restores natural hormone levels due to intense training
  • Increased Immunity
  • Reduced muscle degradation during intense training
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
  • Maximum Strength Formula with Bulbine Natalensis
  • New Exclusive Fenosterone™
  • Clinical Doses of EVERY Ingredient
  • Reduced Protein Catabolism (muscle breakdown)
F2C Features
  • Directions
  • When to Use
  • Nutrition Panel

Take 4 capsules every day before bed, with 16 oz of water.

Single PillSingle PillSingle PillSingle Pill

Test Matrix Usage chart

For use as a natural health product to maximize natural testosterone levels. Take on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes after your last meal. For best results use continuously for 8 weeks followed by a 2 week off cycle.

Nutrition Panel