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F2C Nutrition believes it is important to create a community to invest in and support athletes. We work together with a variety of pro and elite athletes, athlete ambassadors, teams, clubs and events to support athlete nutritional needs and provide memorable race experiences. We believe nutrition education is vital to an athlete's performance and success. Understanding the benefits of training and racing on clean nutritional products and understanding ingredient labels are integral components of a nutritional training and race plan. Providing nutritional educational consultation, materials and a forum to discuss is key to help you train and race to your potential!

If you would like to be part of Team F2C Nutrition and the #f2cfamily for the 2018 season please fill out the appropriate application. Applications will be accepted until Nov 15, 2017. F2C Nutrition will contact successful applicants in early December 2017. If you have any questions regarding our program please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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F2C Nutrition General Sponsorship Information

  • already use F2C products (please don’t ask us to send you product to “see” if you like it)
  • have a healthy social media presence and willing to promote F2C Nutrition via your blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, other online nutritional forums
  • active member of your community and sporting community
  • have a good understanding of all F2C Nutrition products and be able to educate others about our products and willing to learn via product calls, Facebook Live, Webinars etc.
  • 8 volunteer hours required
  • promote F2C products to other athletes, friends, family and local retail stores
  • provide us with race and training updates and reports, pictures, videos
  • provide us with regular product testimonials, video clips about your favourite F2C products
  • contribute to F2C Blog/news features
  • have the opportunity to be featured on our website and social media
  • represent F2C Nutrition by wearing F2C branded clothing, gear, using F2C branded bottles
  • opportunities to earn product credit
  • significant personal product discount
  • opportunities to share friends and family credit
  • exclusive nutrition sponsorship, athlete/team can not have competing nutritional sponsors or post/share competing nutritional sponsors