Iñaki de la Parra

Iñaki de la Parra

I am a very enthusiastic Mexican and an excellence promoter, in whatever I undertake. My life is mainly about human values, sport and a having a healthful life. What fascinates me the most is any sort of extreme-distance sport, but Ultraman triathlon is what I am really passionate about.

My intention in life is to be happy and to inspire others to give the best from themselves, such as in: sports, family, studies, work or just daily life.

I am convinced that life is to be enjoyed. Constantly, I challenge myself to leave my comfort zone, which allows me to discover extraordinary human beings that surround me and magical things every day.

I have discovered that strength-resistance sports, known as endurance sports, help people to develop a great connection between their body, mind and spirit to gain what at first sight seemed to be unattainable. It is for that reason that endurance is a very rooted concept to my personality. I follow it without worrying about next step: sometimes quicker, sometimes slower, but always making progress, always moving forward.

I had enough of the very traditional phrase “you can do it”, I think that it is paternalist, negative and bearable. I prefer my own philosophy, which I have been developing throughout my life: #CAN. I translate it or explain it as “power”. Power exists inside me in order to transform, to do, to execute. It is a power that depends exclusively of me and allow me to aim high. Everybody should discover their own power to develop their own #CAN philosophy, in order to really make use of their full potential.

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