• Fast Absorbing Carbohydrate, Protein and Electrolytes
  • Lowest Serum Osmolarity
  • Zero Sugar
  • Grass Fed Whey/ Cage Free Egg Protein
  • Sustained Release of Glucose for Added Endurance
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free
  • Free from Artificial Hormones including rBST and rBGH
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What happens when F2C Rehab 3:1™ marries F2C Glyco-Durance™? Endurance 5:1™ is born! This cutting edge, fast absorbing carbohydrate, protein and electrolyte blend has been scientifically developed to be used as a booster during training or on race day.

With the lowest serum osmolarity in the category, Endurance 5:1™ delivers highly digestible calories during extended exercise needed to refuel your muscles and provide a sustained release of glucose and protein. With an elite team of ingredients including F2C Electro-Durance™, a clinically proven electrolyte blend, Glyco-Durance® (Karbolyn Endurance®), Sustalyn™ and F2C Protein Matrix™ you can push your performance and be the FIRST TO CROSS.

Endurance 5:1™ is free from all artificial flavors, colours, sweeteners and preservatives. All ingredients are WADA compliant and in compliance for ITU, IOC, UCI, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB. Endurance 5:1™ ™ is tested for banned substances by a world-class sports doping control laboratory.

How To Use

To mix a regular shake, providing 350 calories: Add 2 servings (2 scoops, 92.5 g) to 12 oz (350 ml) of water and shake for approximately 20 seconds.

For a 700 calorie shake, providing 27 grams of protein: Add 4 servings (4 scoops, 185 g) of Endurance 5:1™ to 22-24 oz (650 – 700 ml) of water and shake for approximately 20 seconds.

When mixing a regular 22-24 oz bike bottle fill the bottle to 2/3 (400 ml) full. Add 2 scoops of powder and shake for 10 seconds then add 2 more scoops and shake for an additional 20 seconds. Let sit for 5 minutes then top off with water and shake again for 15 seconds. A small amount of gases are produced during the alkalizing process, this is normal.

Endurance 5:1™ can be prepared and frozen in your bottle for your convenience.


When To Use

Endurance 5:1™ is best used during workouts, on long training rides or for ultra distance races. Taken during extended exercise ensures adequate carbohydrate and protein is delivered to sustain energy and improve performance.

Do you want a few more quality calories after training or  racing? Endurance 5:1™ is best used post-workout within the first 30 minutes of finishing. Taking it within the first 30 minutes ensures adequate carbohydrate and protein replenishment.

F2C Nutrition


Nutrition Panel


Ingredients: F2C Glyco-Durance™ [Karbolyn Endurance® (homopolysaccaride) derived from potato, rice], F2C Protein Matrix™ (Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Whey Protein Concentrates, 100% Micellar Casein, Cage Free Egg White Protein), Fractionated Non-GMO Coconut Oil (MCT Oil), Natural Flavor, Stevia, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Bisglycinate, Sustalyn™, Lactase Enzyme, Citric Acid, Plant Enzyme Blend (Bromelain, Amylase, Papain).

4 reviews for ENDURANCE 5:1™

  1. Danica

    I’ve used this product is various ways. I like it the best for long training sessions 3.5 hours or more. I find when I’m in peak training, I’m hungry all of the time, especially when I’m training. To deal with this I use Endurance 5:1 on long bikes. The protein in the product help curb hunger. The consistency of the liquid is different than Glyco-Durance which is a nice change when you’re logging countless miles training. I also sip on this product race morning. Easy to consume with all the carbs and protein I need.

  2. Robowife

    Did you mother tell you the most important meal of the day is breakfast? Well I have never been keen on breakfast and being introduced to Endurance 5:1 is perfect for me. I use it before long bike rides, race day and recently almost my sole nutrition in a 24-hour time trial. It contains no sugar – only pure carbs, protein and electrolytes – so it was easy for me to digest with no GI issues. I would recommend using it for endurance events, races longer than 70.3. It is also great to put in a zip lock baggie in your shaker cup for post race recovery nutrition.

  3. Linda

    I have recently started using Endurance 5:1 for my longer training rides (over 2.5hrs). At that length I find I am needing more than just carbs. This product has made all the difference to keep me going. Not only some protein that I am needing but the electrolytes always needed for longer training. If it is really sweaty then I can add more Electro-Durance as needed. Thats what I love about all F2C products, you can customize to your own needs and conditions.

  4. Stephen Handel

    Love it! It’s my go to breakfast before races and big training days. No GI issues and steady energy.

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