• 25 grams of carbs, ZERO grams of sugar
  • Fast absorbing carbohydrate, hydration
  • Lowest serum osmolarity
  • Sustained release of glucose for added endurance
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Glyco-Durance™ represents the dawn of a new era in carbohydrate supplementation. Two key elements help to reduce digestive upset while increasing physical endurance and performance. Karbolyn Endurance™ is derived from non-GMO potato and rice and this natural bio-engineered high performance carbohydrate offers rapid absorption and sustained energy. Karbolyn Endurance™ uses a proprietary multi-stage enzymatic milling process to reach optimal molecular size, yielding a superior natural bio-engineered carbohydrate for quick gastric emptying that is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream without any side-effects like stomach bloating or cramping. The second key element is Sustalyn® which is clinically proven to stimulate glycogen production and enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestine by up to 27%.

  • Glyco-Durance™ is free from all artificial flavors, colours, sweeteners and preservatives. All ingredients are WADA compliant and in compliance for ITU, IOC, UCI, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB.
  • Every batch of Glyco-Durance™ is third party tested for banned substances by a world-class sports doping control laboratory.


How To Use

Fill bike water bottle or container with 16 oz of room temperature water. Add 2-3 scoops of Glyco-Durance RAW™ and if you are needing electrolytes, add Electro-Durance™ to personalized needs. Adding 1 scoop of Glyco-Durance RAW™ at a time and shake 10 seconds after each scoop to avoid clumping. When product is blended add the remaining 6 oz of water. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and shake again for 30 seconds before drinking or dispensing into 22 oz bike water bottle.

MIXING A SUPER BOTTLE (in a blender)
Add 8-10 scoops* (100 calories per scoop) of Glyco-Durance™ into 20-26 oz. of room temperature water and blend in a blender for 30 seconds. Transfer into bike bottle and drink over 2-3 hours. We recommend a ratio of 6-10 scoops of Glyco-Durance RAW™ with 2 scoops of the flavoured Glyco-Durance™ or flavoured to taste and add Electro-Durance™ to personalized needs. This will give you a concentrated bottle with 800-1000 Calories. Remember to drink water to stay hydrated when using a Super Bottle.

Glyco-Durance™ can be prepared and frozen in your bottle for your convenience.

When To Use

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3 reviews for GLYCO-DURANCE RAW™

  1. Debra Wechter

    I’m not a fan of flavored anything so Glyco-durance RAW is perfect for me. I am also a heavy sweater so being able to add in just the right amount of electrolytes with Electro-durance is also perfect for me. This fuel is rock solid and is SO easy to use. Mix up a bottle for an hour, or eight, and just sip as you go. I do not need to add in any outside food sources (it’s not recommended) and just extra water which is usually easy to find on long rides or runs. It’s my go to fuel and will be for a long time to come!

  2. Danica

    As with Glyco-Durance, I love the customizability Glyco-Durance RAW provides. It’s allows me to customize my bottles for me based on the training and racing conditions. I often combine Glyco-Durance RAW with Glyco-Durance flavour and with added Electro-Durance for my specific electrolyte needs.

  3. Troy

    This is always my No.1 choice for Racing marathon/ Ironman, and long distance training. Flavoured is bit sweet for me, so I always mixed RAW with flavoured. It really helps body performs at high intensity condition, when it need 70g of carbs per hour. Always recommend to my fellow triathletes.

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