• 25 grams of carbs, ZERO grams of sugar
  • Fast absorbing carbohydrate, hydration with electrolytes
  • Lowest serum osmolarity
  • Sustained release of glucose for added endurance
  • Clinically proven electrolyte blend
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Glyco-Durance™ represents the dawn of a new era in carbohydrate supplementation. Three key elements help to reduce digestive upset while increasing physical endurance and performance. Karbolyn Endurance™ is derived from non-GMO potato and rice and this natural bio-engineered high performance carbohydrate offers rapid absorption and sustained energy. Karbolyn Endurance™ uses a proprietary multi-stage enzymatic milling process to reach optimal molecular size, yielding a superior natural bio-engineered carbohydrate for quick gastric emptying that is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream without any side-effects like stomach bloating or cramping. The second key element is a scientifically-developed electrolyte blend based on real-time absorption. The last key element is Sustalyn® which is clinically proven to stimulate glycogen production and enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestine by up to 27%.


  • Glyco-Durance™ is free from all artificial flavors, colours, sweeteners and preservatives.
  • All ingredients are WADA compliant and in compliance for ITU, IOC, UCI, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB. Every batch of Glyco-Durance™ is third party tested for banned substances by a world-class sports doping control laboratory.

How To Use

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Fill bike water bottle or container with 16 oz of warm / room temperature or warm water. Add 2-3 scoops of Glyco-Durance™ one scoop at a time and shake 10 seconds after each scoop to avoid clumping. When product is blended add the remaining 6 oz of water. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and shake again for 30 seconds before drinking or dispensing into a 22 oz bike water bottle.

MAKING A SUPER BOTTLE (in a blender) Add 8-12 scoops* (100 calories per scoop) one scoop at a time of Glyco-Durance™ into 14-16 oz of warm / room temperature water and blend for 15 seconds per scoop. Transfer into bike bottle and top up with water and drink over 2-3 hours. We recommend a ratio of 6-10 scoops of Unflavoured or RAW with 2 scoops of flavoured Glyco-Durance™ or flavoured to taste. This will give you a concentrated or customized bottle with 800-1200 calories. Remember to drink water to stay hydrated when using a Super Bottle. To increase the amount of electrolytes add scoops of F2C Electro-Durance.™

Glyco-Durance™ can be prepared and frozen in your bottle for your convenience.

When To Use


Nutrition Panel

all electrolytes are listed in ELEMENTAL dosages and not INPUT dosages

13 reviews for GLYCO-DURANCE™

  1. Emanuela Bandol

    My absolute favourite product! I’ve been training and racing for 20Yrs+ and tried every brand out there – this one is the best. Never had any Gi issues in any race I’ve done. Hot or cold. Kona or Ski Mountaineering racing. My go-to for anything over 60mins. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Isabelle Turner

    Outstanding product ! Ever since I’ve tried it in Penticton in 2016, it’s been the only nutrition I trust to fuel my bike training and racing. Amazing taste too. My favorite flavours are Mango abs Strawberry. A must try, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  3. Isabelle Turner

    Outstanding product ! Ever since I’ve tried it in Penticton in 2016, it’s been the only nutrition I trust to fuel my bike training and racing. Amazing taste too. My favorite flavours are Mango and Strawberry kiwi. A must try, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  4. Armand P

    This product was the reason I became loyal to F2C. Other products in the past gave me GI issues or nausea. This was the first endurance product that gave me the fuel (carbs and electrolytes) needed to complete my training and racing for anything over 60min without any GI issues or nausea. It mixes awesome and again the flavors are mild. You can also mix the unflavored and flavored together to adjust the flavor exactly to your liking. Talk about flavors. Liquid race fuel is the way to go in my opinion. Get it!

  5. Sasha Podolchak

    This is my all time favourite product for sustained energy on long days ! I have amazing results while I am training long hours and also on long mountain bike or ski touring days.
    One scoop per hour in my water bottle keeps me going strong. Absolutely love this product & my favourite flavour is green apple. Thank you F2C!

  6. Erica B

    The best endurance training and race fuel out there. I struggle to eat (like, actually chew and swallow) while racing and, as a result, used to have trouble getting enough into my body to finish a race feeling strong. Since I’ve been using Glyco-Durance, I’m able to get enough calories in and I’ve avoided the rumbly-tummy that accompanies race day for so many people. I mix Glyco-Durance (any flavor) with an equal amount of Glyco-Durance Raw because I’ve discovered I feel better going a little lighter on the electrolytes. All of the flavors are good, but Strawberry-Kiwi is my favorite, followed by Lemon Lime.

  7. Spencer Cope

    I LOVE this product (green apple is my jam!). I use Glyco-Durance in my long weekend bike rides and I have no complaints. Tastes great and more importantly keeps me hydrated and energized on my long training sessions.

  8. Danica

    I love this product for it’s customizability and ease of use. No matter what distance I’m training or racing for there is a place for glyco-durance. I don’t like strong flavours so I always mix 1/4 flavour to 3/4 of unflavoured with Glyco-Durance unflavoured raw. To keep my gut happy, I do concentrated glyco-durance into a 4oz flask for running race and use on course.

  9. Rob Parsons

    I have been using Glyco-Durance for about 2 years and love its consistency as a fuel source and how it enables me to perform in all distance and durations training sessions. For me, whether it a 6 hour bike on the road or 2 hours on the trainer Glyco-Durance is the way to go. I like 2 scoops of Mango and 1 scoop of unflavored in my bottles for the sessions that are 2 hrs plus in duration. For shorter sessions I tend to just go with 1 scoop of each.

  10. Joe Calandro

    Love the Strawberry-Kiwi! Been using this for long training and racing for 3 years now! Love the energy it gives you with no gi issues.

  11. Emily

    This is my go to for longer endurance races or training, running, biking or triathlons. It is so smooth and the mango flavor is light and refreshing. I never had cramping issues or GI issues with Glyco-Durance, where with other more sugar heavy products my stomach would ache and after race I would just expect to feel cruddy for the next day. Fully recommend for any one especially if you have not found anything that works with your stomach.

  12. Claire Knight

    I absolutely love this product. It is the first product that I have found that fuels me for those long workouts and doesn’t give me any gut issues. For years I have struggled with gastro issues and with Glyco-Durance I have finally found my solution.

  13. Ruby Ferguson

    Glyco-Durance has been a game changer for me. I entered sports later in life starting with running then tried cycling and now triathlons. I have been trying different liquid nutrition, bars, gels etc. nothing has ever ended well until I tried Glyco-Durance. I mix 1 scoop of unflavored with 1 scoop of mango per bottle. So far things have gone well, I have energy to work hard and keep what goes in to stay in. If am excited to race a half Iron distant this summer, hoping to finish without ending up in the medical tent.

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