• Activates metabolism of fat for energy
  • Carbohydrate friendly
  • Boosts energy and mental clarity
  • Supports nutritional ketosis
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Keto-Durance™ utilizes KETOBHBA™ a breakthrough patented technology that couples beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) to butyric acid (BA). This combination activates your body to start producing its own ketones from your fat stores in as little as 15 minutes. Unlike other exogenous ketone products Keto-Durance™is designed to be used in a high carbohydrate fueling program and does not require you to be in clinical ketosis to see the advantages of duel fueling your body. Keto-Durance™ is also a great option for fueling for a fasted workout and will not kick you out of a fast. Dosage options for endurance racing found on our website

  • Natural Energy
  • Improves Mental Performance and Memory
  • Improves Stamina & Physical Performance
  • Feeling of Alertness
  • Pre-Workout Supplement
  •  Study-Stamina Supplement
  • Facilitates use of fat as energy substrate
  • Facilitates Ketosis
  • Does not interfere with or inhibit ketogenesis like BHB supplementation does


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7 reviews for KETO-DURANCE™


  1. Fatguytotriguy

    This is an amazing product! I was fasted 16 hours, mixed a bottle of Keto-Durance then proceeded to ride my bike for 100 miles. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so good while riding for so long. Keto-Durance helps me get the max benefits from working out fasted.

  2. Debra Wechter

    This product is magical! I’ve used it both as a fasted workout “fuel” and as an add in tp my primary longer workout fuel to fill the gap if I fall short. It’s like rocket fuel in a sense. Headed out on a fasted run, taking Keto-durance 20 minutes prior, and had the strongest run I have had in months! The tropical coconut is my favorite followed by grape as a close second.

  3. Amanda Vella

    I love this product.. I have tried other exogenous ketones and they have tasted awful and give me an upset stomach, this is the first that tastes great and doesn’t upset my stomach. I use it on weekday mornings to help get the most out of my fasted state. It gives me lots of energy for my workout and l don’t feel hungry, which has helped with my weight loss.

  4. Brenda

    I do my weekday runs just before Lunch and many hours after breakfast. I was having issues with low energy and feeling very weak within 10 mins of running. I tried Keto-Durance and it was a game changer. I had energy, my runs felt amazing and strong. For anyone fasting or need of a boost before a run on an empty stomach this is the product for you.

  5. Joe Calandro

    Keto-Durance has been serving me well as an early morning workout fuel! Twenty minutes before and I’m ready!

  6. Emily

    Total game changer! Love all the flavors but my favorite is berry citrus

  7. Robowife

    My latest rock star start for every training day. Prior to Keto-Durance I often started ’empty’, as I felt sluggish trying to metabolize solid food and not a breakfast fan. Bingo! Workouts 6-days a week this gets me going strong – GF, great flavors and addicting!

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