Angela Quick

Born and raised as an endurance enthusiast sport has played a significant role in Angela¹s life. Angela raced her first triathlon at the age of 8; she continued to grow up through the ranks of Junior Elite, U23 & Elite draft legal racing. Now to satisfy her love for endurance sport she has settled into long course racing at an age group level.

Angela has raced a total of 206 triathlons in her ongoing career; a large majority of those races resulting in overall podium finishes – including the overall amateur female wins at Ohio 70.3 (2016) and Eagleman 70.3 (2017). In 2017 she conquered her first Ironman at Ironman Florida punching her ticket to the Ironman World Championships by posting a time of 10:00.18, the fastest in her age group. F2C products played a paramount role in her success and will be an essential component in her journey to Kona. F2C¹s Glyco-Durance has been a game changer when it comes to race day nutrition with an easy on the stomach carbohydrate and electrolyte source. For recovery the Rehab 3:1 makes for simple post workout support, making it easier to get the most out of workouts and to optimize recovery.

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