Emma Skaug

Emma Skaug

I’m a Junior Elite Triathlete studying Biology at the University of Victoria and training with the National Performance Centre Academy. Growing up in Calgary, I played soccer and hiked around the Rocky Mountains with my family before making the switch to full-time triathlon in 2014.

I race ITU Draft-Legal sprint distance and have competed in Junior Pan-American Championships, the Canada Summer Games, and have placed at Canadian Junior National Series races. My favourite part of triathlon is the tactics and intensity of short-course, and opportunity at every race to put myself on the line and see what I’m capable of.

My favourite quote: “Be Strong and Be Powerful, Have Grit and Have Grace”

My favourite F2C product is Hydra-Durance (Hint: mix one scoop lemon-lime and one scoop raspberry!). I always have it in my bottle on race day and during training. In fast sprint-distance races hydration is key, and Hydra-durance’s electrolyte blend keeps me firing on all cylinders!

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