Eric Dokter

Like many other boys growing up in Canada, I spent most of my childhood playing hockey. After 16 years of hockey and numerous high school sports, I discovered triathlon through a local sprint race and was hooked. I have now raced internationally and primarily compete in elite ITU short course draft-legal racing.

I studied at the University of Lethbridge where my passion for the sport really started to grow. I met one of my current coaches during my time there and it really fostered my love for triathlon. For me, triathlon has become a pursuit of finding how far my body can be pushed and then pushing it further. I love the fast paced and highly competitive draft-legal style of racing and will continue to push myself to highest possible level.

Consistency is the name of the game in this sport, and I aim to be as consistent as possible day in and day out. I’ve always viewed nutrition as the fourth discipline in triathlon and am excited to be working with such a high-performing nutrition company like F2C to give my training and racing the best fuel available.

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