Frank Miguel Menchaca

My life as an athlete started at a very young age. When we were kids, my siblings and I used to do all kinds of sports including soccer, track, tennis and baseball. Both my mother and father used to run a lot so they were the ones responsible for my true love towards running. In high school I was in the track team and raced almost every weekend, winning many races all throughout México and USA. When I started college in 2012, I decided to drop track and start with something new: triathlon. Beginning to swim and ride my bike from ground zero was very tough at first, but I committed myself to never give up and little by little I started to win my spot on the podiums.


Since day one I promised to myself that no matter what, I´ll work as hard as I can so one day I get to wear my country’s uniform and represent México all over the world. The hardest part was to learn how to keep a balance between studying engineering, working full time, training high performance and my family/social life. In mid 2016, I decided to focus more on my training and push my body to another level, the result was positive: winning multiple triathlons, duathlons and road races. In 2017, I raced my first IM 70.3, won the duathlon and triathlon Nationals and fulfilled my dream by earning my spot to represent México at the Penticton Multisport World Champs and the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam. For me, it’s an honor being part of the F2C Family and get to race with the best nutritional supplements. This represents a huge responsibility for me to give more than my best at every workout and competition!

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