Jessey Elf

Jessey Elf

Jessey is a professional triathlete in Southern Ontario, and loves anything and everything related to Aquatics! The two-time Aquathlon (1000m Swim – 5000m Run) World Champion works Full-Time as a Lifeguard and Swim Teacher, teaches Aquafit Aquarobics classes, coaches three Triathlon and Swim teams – while also training full time.

Not only does Jessey excel in triathlon, he has been selected twice to join the National Lifesaving Team to compete at the RESCUE Lifesaving World Championships. As a National Lifesaving Champion, Jessey has also won the Men’s Ontario Provincial Waterfront Championships Overall in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Coming from a background in Figure skating, gymnastics, and competitive diving; the “F2C ELF” started triathlon in 2010 as a dare. He quickly fell in love with the sport and the incredible network of people he has met over the years through the sport of Triathlon.

As a vegan athlete on a plant-based-diet, Elf enjoys the F2C Vegan Pure Chocolate Protein to recover like a PRO after each workout.

In his spare time, Jessey is working towards becoming a Skydiving Instructor, making the National Team to represent Canada at an Olympic Games, and also is trying to lower is World Record “Fastest 5k with a Dog” from his best of 15:26 with his Hungarian Vizsla ‘Hunter’.

The F2C team is ‘jingling’ with excitement about Jessey The Elf joining the PRO team. “The more the merrier!”

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