Jorge De Amorim Filho

Jorge De Amorim Filho. Triathlons – mostly ironman distances. Myfavorite race is one that I can extract every single ounce ofenergy out of my body, not any specific locations. I started as a collegiate swimmer and tried a couple sprint triathlons. It was addicting. I started increasing the distance more and more until I had the goal to become an ironman. I teamed up withBAM and the dream start to come true. Wes, my coach, said that if i was disciplined and serious about the sport I could make it to Kona. I did not believe him at the time, but 3 years later I have now been there once and I have qualified again. Triathlon is a way of life. It ishard but rewarding and fun. F2C came into the picture when I was having problems with cramps. I had tried multiple other nutrition plans and they all failed. Then Wes introduced me to F2C. It was a game changer. Myfavorite product is the glycodurance. I am able to make it into a super bottle and add electrolytes. Since I have started the new plan with F2C, I have not had cramps and I have had great results. I honestly think it is one ofthe best products and companies in the market.

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