Jules Gorham


Cyclo-cross, cyclo-cross, and more cycle-cross (I¹ve got CX Fever!),

filling the CX void throughout the spring & summer with Gravel races.


Favourite Race:

Rasputitsa, 100b7, GP Gloucester, and any CX race


Notable Achievements:

Learned to ride without training wheels when I was 4 (thanks Dad!), 6th in

AG 2018 LD World Championship, multiple 2nd place podiums in the half iron

distance (never made it to 1st!), I run my intervals faster than my

treadmill so I have to add incline now- that makes me feel kinda badass, 2nd

Masters CX Provincials, 2nd spot on the podium at CX Laval means the world

to me despite being a little local series race #bravelikemagh

And I¹m a Mom. And I¹ve been told I give great hugs.


Goal for 2018:

Hop the barriers, push +1000Watts, to land the top spot at any race would

rock! Get my kid out for more rides than street hockey games 😉


Favourite F2C Product and reason why:

Electro-Durance because it allows me to be in total control of my

electrolyte intake which varies from day to day, sport to sport, and

depending on the heat.

& Rehab 3:1 for recovery.

It¹s a tie between those two products!

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