Kyra Wiens

Kyra Wiens

Kyra Wiens is a professional triathlete. She has finished in the top 15 of all her pro races over the last two years; highlights include taking fourth at Ironman Vineman and winning SavageMan 70.0.

She has been competing in triathlons since 2013. Her rapid rise in the sport is a reminder that these artificial limits that we set on ourselves or that we allow others to set for us are just that, artificial. Our capacity as human beings is limitless—but only when we pursue that which ignites our soul, that makes us come alive. She feels privileged everyday to be expressing herself through triathlon. For her, this is the place where doubts, where fears of being not enough, are rendered moot. We can choose to be her own heroes.

Kyra is a multisport coach, yoga teacher, and holds a Master of Public Administration. She is devoted to reading as many books as possible and to pursuing the best local coffee. In addition to F2C Nutrition, her other sponsors include Northwest Tri & Bike, Tri Sirena, and BlueSeventy. Kyra is coached by Matthew Rose of We Are Dynamo. She also trains with Blue Wave Aquatics and with Robert Ellington near her home in Tacoma, Washington.

She lives with her husband, also a triathlete and the Commander of the 446th Airlift Wing at McChord Air Force Base, and gets to serve as a “bonus” mom for two amazing kids

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