Mark Lawrence

Born and raised in Welland at the heart of the Niagara Green belt in Southern Ontario, Canada’s wine country, I’ve grown accustom to the wide open, wind filled roads that blanket the Niagara Escarpment. After years of excessive cycling, I was introduced to multisport by a co-worker at Sport Chek. I was a cross country runner in grade school, but hadn’t run further than the corner store for years. I was immediately intrigued by the challenge of Duathlon and the community of athletes in Ontario who are extremely competitive, but more importantly dedicated to making each other into the best athletes they can be. That camaraderie is what drew me in and will keep me apart of our sport for the long haul.

After two successful seasons atop the podium I was off to a great start, but was starting to feel lethargic.

Everything changed early in 2017, after meeting Greg Cowan at the F2C booth in Welland. I had a roster of 14 races and was feeling exhausted all the time, wondering if I¹d be able to make it through it. He had the answers to all my questions and set me up with the right products to carry me on my journey. My nutrition is finally dialled in after years of guessing, trial and error, wasted energy. It feel great to represent a company that I feel, changed my life!

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