Mike Buenting

Mike Buenting

Living in the cold and snowy state of Minnesota makes being a Triathlete and endurance athlete somewhat difficult. But over my many years of racing and training I have found methods to get fit in the winter and come out racing strong in the spring!

Embrace the pain cave, and never give up are words I live by! I love to push my limits, I love to train a lot and train hard and when it comes to racing, I push my absolute max and then some!

I have been competing in Triathlon and running events for many years now! I’ve run the Boston marathon 9 times, I have a PR marathon time of 2:39! I’ve done Ironman distance and half Ironman distance and every other distance of Triathlon! 2016 I was the USA Triathlon National Champion in the sport of Duathlon, in 2013 I won the bronze medal at ITU World Championships for Duathlon and 2017 and 2018 I also raced at ITU World Championships for Duathlon and finished 10th both of those years. 2018 I also raced on Team USA at ITU World championships Grand Final in Gold coast Australia. So I’ve competed at the highest levels and against the best in the world and been able to put up some strong results!

I share the passion of Triathlon with my 16-year-old daughter who has been racing and training with me since she was 8 years old. Bella is a very talented athlete and hopes to compete at the college level and then pro level in Triathlon.  One of the greatest moments of my life was competing at 2018 ITU World Championships alongside my daughter. She qualified for Team USA in the sprint distance Triathlon, and I did in the Olympic distance Triathlon. To share this passion with her is amazing!

I’ve spent years coaching athletes from marathon runner to Triathlete and I even coached the Female Master’s Duathlete of the year in 2016 for USA Triathlon. I’ve been a cycle instructor and even coached middle school cross country runners.

I am so honored to be part of the Elite team with F2C Nutrition. When I met them and sampled these products for the first time in 2017 at ITU World Championships I was hooked! I’ve not used another nutrition product since then. My daily routine is to wake up and drink a bottle of F2C ultra-durance before my morning workout. Then during my workout depending on what the workout is I drink a bottle of Glyco-durance (Green Apple is my flavor) or hydra-durance. The Glyco-Durance gives me more calories and fuel for longer harder workouts, if it’s a light workout then hydra-durance typically works well for me to just keep me hydrated with electrolytes. I always end my hard workout sessions daily with a re-fueling shake with either chocolate 3:1 protein mix, or the Chocolate explosion whey energy mix.

Even since I’ve started using F2C I have seen a difference in my recovery and my performance and also how I feel during races and training. My body just responds to it very well!

Whatever sport you do, however hare you like to push yourself. You need to believe in yourself and not except any limits! Anything is possible! You just have to want it, and work hard for it!

I was not always this successful my first marathon was a time of 3:53 it took me only two years to break 3 hours in the marathon after that and once I did I never looked back! Same with my Triathlon times one of my first Triathlons was an Olympic distance race and it maybe took me 2 hours and 40 minutes? Now I race them in like 2 hours and 4 minutes. When I began my journey in multi-sport I also shed 40 pounds and took my body Fat % down to under 10% like close to 5-6% body fat. So don’t let anyone or anything limit you from chasing your dreams or goals! Just stay positive and believe in yourself and dare to be great!

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