Nathan Killam

At 18 years old and living an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle, Nathan tipped the scale at 210lbs. Deciding that things needed to change, Nathan turned his lifestyle around and started to exercise and eat right, and after a few years lost all the weight. At the end of 2007 Nathan tried his first triathlon, having just learned to swim earlier that year and commuting for a few months on his dad’s ancient 10 speed road bike. He was hooked immediately, and 2008 marked his first full season of triathlon. After 3 years of racing as an age grouper, Nathan took the jump into the pro field, making 2011 his first season as a pro.

Nathan has always worked full time throughout his career as a professional triathlete, first as a Heavy Duty Mechanic and for the last 9 years as a Fire Fighter, proving that determination, drive, and dedication to the process can get anyone on the podium. Nathan is also a triathlon, cycling and running coach, helping athletes pursue and attain their athletic goals, as well as navigate a busy work/training balance. As a father, Nathan understands the importance of balancing work, life and training.

2019 is Nathan’s 3rd official year using F2C Nutrition, fuelling him to more podiums and success on the triathlon and cyclocross circuits.

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