Roz Lougheed Simpson

Roz Lougheed Simpson

About: Roz has had a love for the outdoors and sports of many kinds for as long as she can remember. Initially thinking she’d go into the business of being a professional high-jumper, her plans got side-tracked when she started XC ski racing in high school (and when she realized she didn’t have the vertical ability…). She ultimately became a medical doctor, pursuing specialized training in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine. This has allowed her the great privilege of working with people from all walks of life and physical abilities. In her mind, coupling her work in medicine with the life of an aspiring athlete it is the best job in the world.

She is a firm believer that exercise is medicine, and strives to incorporate this into her every day life, gaining inspiration from her patients, as well as fellow competitors. Some of her most cherished relationships and experiences have come about through involvement in sport, and physical activity and competition has been an integral part of her life as a medical professional, and as a person.

Roz looks forward to kicking off a busy 2019 race season with the Absa Cape Epic in South Africa, which will be the longest stage race that she and her husband have completed together as a team to date. With a variety of XCO, marathon, and triathlons planned for the coming season, she is extremely grateful to have the support of the F2C family behind her. The support and camaraderie as a first year member of the elite team has been incredible, and being able to count on a gold-star nutrition base through F2C has been key to meeting her training and racing goals.

Side note: she highly recommends doing a tag-team marathon or multi day stage race with your significant other early on in the relationship. Nothing brings out a person’s true colours like being exhausted, hungry, (possibly lost!) and covered in mud!

Sport: Mountain biking (XCO and Marathon distances), Cross triathlon

Favourite Race/Event: It’s hard to pick just one…I’d say XTERRA World Champs 2016 in Maui, simply because it was the hardest swim/bike combo I’ve ever encountered, and I like when conditions are a bit wild. The surf was super high, and the bike course was like a vaseline slip-n-slide with thick mud from beginning to end. Crossing the finish line was bittersweet – I was happy to have maintained a strong mental headspace throughout, but was left feeling hungry after having just been shut out of the top 5 of my age group.

Favourite F2C product and why:

Mango pharmagreens. Whether it’s a heavy training day or a day off, I start every day with these. I’ve always had to push myself to eat more veggies, and starting my day with 6-7 servings in a single glass gets my day started on the right foot.

…But strawberry-Kiwi Glycodurance on long rides is a close second!

Words to live by: Keep on trying because something great will come from constantly grinding and striving to be the best version of yourself. – Tia-Clair Toomey

No pressure, no diamonds. – Thomas Carlyle

Fun Fact: Roz met her favourite training partner (and fellow member of the F2C Elite Team) on a Greyhound bus while travelling to the Canadian XC Ski Marathon in 2013. He is now also her husband.

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