Sarah McMillan

Sarah McMillan

Sport: Off Road Triathlon

2019 Focus: Xterra Maui World Championships

Notable Achievements: 2017 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion

I was introduced to Pharma Greens by a fellow F2C Teammate several years back. I was looking for an alternative to juicing greens everyday which was messy and required a chunk of time cleaning up the juicer every day.  I purchased my first tub of Pharma Greens and the juicer has been sitting under the sink ever since. Pharma Greens tastes good, supplies even more superfoods than I could get into my juicer, and delivers six servings of veggies! Pow! Needless to say, it was a no brainer to start using Pharma Greens every day.

I then started using more of the F2C Nutrition endurance line after that. A couple of my favorites are Glyco Durance and Ultra Durance. I had always had issues with my race drinks being too sweet tasting and not absorbing into my gut on race day. I have tried just about every brand of race nutrition out there. I am happy to say, with Glyco Durance I have had zero gut disturbance. Not just in training but also on race day with the very high intensity Xterra Racing requires.  It has been a huge game changer for me!  I do also love that it comes in an unflavored version!  If they just made it in bacon flavor? Maybe next year?

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