Sarah McMillan

Sports: Off Road Triathlon, Mountain Bike Racing

Favourite Races – Penticton Cross Triathlon Nationals, Kona Ironman

Sarah’s background is racing Ironman, including Kona, one of her favourite races. Now working full time, in addition to running a thriving business in skincare along with raising a young family, she has switched it up to racing short course and adding more dirt to the picture! She has a strong love for training and racing on the trails around Penticton, BC, where she lives.


2nd Place in age group at Canadian Cross Triathlon Nationals 2016.

2nd Place in age group Peach Classic Sprint Triathlon 2016.

She is training for ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships in Penticton this summer with eyes on a top ten finish.

“I like to push myself outside of my comfort zone, just too simply see what I can accomplish. Life is short and I want to get after it. To really go after everything life has to offer, I have to take care of myself. Nutrition is key! I have been juicing vegetables every day for 3+years to help keep my body going strong and staving off the daycare bugs the kids bring home. Looking for a quicker alternative to vegetable juicing on my time limited schedule and wanting to include superfoods, I began using F2C Nutrition Pharma-Greens. This was a much more convenient, less expensive, and a far easier alternative to what I was currently doing. The bonus is the Pharma-Greens taste great, I am more alert and have higher energy levels when I am taking them. I started using additional F2C products on the race course and found that my sensitive digestive system responded well to them under the pressure of fast racing conditions. Having the confidence that the guru’s at F2C have my nutrition dialed in, all I have to do is get out there and race. I am excited to be partnering with F2C Nutrition products in 2017! 

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