Susan Evans

Susan was born and raised in beautiful Victoria BC. She was an active child but never identified as an athlete. She turned her energies to ballet and trained intensively throughout her teen years. Looking back ballet instilled many characteristics essential for an endurance athlete. She started running for her own enjoyment and fitness toward the end of high school and in small town Victoria she rode her bike everywhere. Swimming was just for play. As that era drew to a close she went off to university and continued to run and bike casually. Then came work and family but despite demands on her time she always left room for running, biking, gym workouts and tennis but didn’t perceive herself as an athlete.
In 2015 Susan retired and moved to sunny Penticton where as a spectator she was introduced to triathlons. Not used to cold winters that didn’t allow her to ride her bike year round she found indoor cycling. Between that and watching triathlons she decided to give a triathlon a try. With support from her husband, Tom, who was rather coerced into training with her, they completed their first sprint triathlon in May 2017. She was hooked.
Throughout 2017 Susan completed several triathlons, sprint and standard distances, winning her age group each time. She finally began to identify as an athlete and with nudging from Tom and their coach set a goal of earning a spot in the Ironman World Championships in October 2018.
Susan won her first Ironman race in July 2018 at Lake Placid, NY at the age of 59, giving her that coveted spot. The Ironman World Championships in Kona was a surreal experience for her. “I am forever changed by that experience – you never know what you can accomplish until you try.”
Her next big goal: the Ultra 520 in 2020! So Susan is planning lots of long distance training and racing over the next 2 years and loving the challenge.
In Susan’s short career as a triathlete she has learned that nutrition is Queen. Healthy eating has always been important to her but nutrition for sport takes more thought and planning. Having heard so much about F2C – the quality, the research, feedback from athletes – she wanted to be part of the family and learn how to use the products to support her training and racing so that she can reach her potential as an endurance athlete. Favourite products now are Pharmagreens (strawberry kiwi) and Hydradurance (lemon lime); and Ultradurance (orange) during race season.

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