Tracy Achelis

Tracy Achelis

I grew up few girls played sports. I led a sedentary lifestyle, overweight and fueled by dormitory food, inadequate sleep and college stress. At age 30 I ran my first marathon, thinking I was registered for the half , but my boyfriend at the time had other things in mind. I finished in 3:58 finish and realized the secret to happiness is letting every single situation be what it is, instead of what it should be. The following year I competed in Sunapee New Hampshire Ironman, finishing in the top 5 women I was Kona bound. Back then I thought more was better. So after Ironman Kona, 5-weeks later I returned to the Big Island to do Ultraman. Twice.

I lived in Lake Tahoe and in the winter ran marathons (86) and ultra marathons and in the summer triathlons. I met my husband at a 50-mile run and we shared the same desire to push our bodies to the limits at new, challenging adventures.. I supported him at WS100, which I had run a couple of times, and he crewed for me at Alabama Double Ironman. Vinny and I got hitched and both competed in Kona the following month for our honeymoon. I’ve e been fortunate to have completed Hawaii Ironman World Championships 10x, twice finishing 4th in my age group. Ultimately the 26 full Ironman’s and running took a toll on my knees. After numerous knee surgeries succumbed to a total knee replacement which ended my triathlon career.

Fast-forward a few years ago I returned to racing Aquabike. In Penticton 2017 World’s finishing 2nd and Miami Man 2018 a win. Looking for a different race experience in 2019, the RAAM 6-12-24 hour Time Trial World Championships intrigued me. With only a couple double centuries under my belt I toed the line for the 24-hour time trial. Plummeting temperatures throughout the night took a toll on my body and the last 8-hours were a test on mental focus and determination to finish. I was ecstatic to hear I won my age group with the largest field of women and set a course record logging 328-miles.

Truth be told in those days the competition wasn’t the same, nor were the products. The F2C products have been a game changer for me because they are clean, pure and don’t cause me insulin spikes and GI distress. I start every morning with Pharma-Greens for immune system support, recovery and optimal health. My motto is to “Live the Dream”!

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